How do I find my Security Token?

Follow these appended instructions on how do I find my Security Token.

When you access Salesforce from an IP address that’s outside your company’s trusted IP range using a desktop client or the API, you need a security token to log in. A security token is a case-sensitive alphanumeric code that you append to your password or enter in a separate field in a client application.

Your security token isn’t displayed in your settings or profile.

If your admin assigned you the Multi-Factor Authentication for API Logins permission, use the code generated by an authenticator app, such as Salesforce Authenticator, for the security token value.

1. From your personal settings, enter Reset in the Quick Find box, then select Reset My Security Token.

2. Click Reset Security Token. The new security token is sent to the email address in your Salesforce personal settings.

A new security token is emailed to you when you reset your password. Or you can reset your token separately.