Why am I being asked to reconnect Pardot again?

We have a built-in security feature that disconnects your app from the API after a period of time or when you close the app down. When this happens and you re-open the app, it will ask you to reconnect.

Can I add to a Pardot list?

Yes! You need to make sure the list is CRM visible for the list to appear within the app for your sales users.

You will need to choose a list otherwise you cannot import them.

How can I update Lead Source?

We’ve deliberately removed this field from the app. Why? Because we don’t want users attending events and breaking any standardisation you might already have in this field. For example, if you have a nice list of values like ‘Event’, ‘Webinar’, ‘Social’ etc. and someone enters ‘Event 2021 January’ it will mess with your reporting.

A solution you might implement is using the Engagement Studio to update Lead Source. As the user will add the prospect to a Pardot list, you can update Lead Source (if it’s blank) as part of the Engagement Studio journey.

Can I import a prospect without explicit consent?

No. You must get consent from the prospect before importing them into Pardot. Once you have permission, you can tick the checkbox which allows you to do so.

We recommend adding a note in the comments about your conversation!

What happens when my license ends?

Currently, when your license (Standard, Plus or Advanced) ends it will roll over to the Standard monthly plan and you will be billed again until your super admin cancels the license.

Does the app work with Business Units?

Yes, it works beautifully with Business Units. When you connect the app to your Pardot instance, it will ask you for the Business Unit ID. This means your EMEA users can post to your EMEA BU and your APAC users can post to your APAC BU and so on…

Can I trial the app before I purchase a license?

Yes. Head to the Apple or Google Play store and download the app. Connect it to your Pardot instance and you’ll have 10 free scans a month to play with.

We will need to onboard you as there are some configuration steps in Salesforce before data can flow through.

Can I manually create prospects?

Yes, if you take a picture of a blank wall or floor, it will allow you to manually type data in and create a record. We advise not doing this because you need consent from the prospect. It will not work if the image is totally black. So, please use a business card as this is the preferred method when using the app.

We will be optimising the app based on user feedback so please email your suggestions to [email protected]

What coding languages did you use for the iOS and Android apps?

iOS: Swift 5
Android: Kotlin